Do the outerview

If anyone ever came out to you, I’d love to interview you too, to get the flip side of the coming out stories already published on the site.  Whether you’re being positive, negative or neutral about the whole thing, I’ll publish your story without changing a word (barring hate speech, obviously) and I also promise not to ever divulge your email address.  The questions are pretty brief and vague, so please feel free to elaborate wherever you like and use N/A where the questions don’t apply to you.  Feel free to give me feedback, I might need to change these questions as we go along.

Please copy and paste the questions below into an email, answer them, put COMING OUT STORIES into the subject header and email them to me at spr.serious [at]

Thanks ten thousand times!

Who came out to you and how are they connected to you?

What did they come out as?

What did they say?

How did they seem?

Was it a surprise or did you know already?

What was your initial gut reaction to the news?

What was your reaction?

Did your feelings about the person change?

Did your thinking/feelings towards the person’s community change after they’d come out to you?

How about you personally – how did the whole experience impact on you?

What advice would you give to other people who’ve had someone come out to them?

What advice would you give to people who come out?

Anything else to declare?

Feel free to add your website/blog link if you’d like me to link you.

When/if I get responses to the above, I’ll be publishing them on the blog under the category “Outerviews” for the simple reason that it’s a pun and sort of the opposite of all the interviews we have already.  It might have been better to use outerviews for the people who came out, but I didn’t think of it then and I don’t feel like changing all those entries now.  So there.

Please feel free to pas the link/questions on.  The more stories there are on this blog, the more voices are heard and opinions expressed; the more diverse the better.


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4 11 2008
Has anyone ever come out to you? « Coming Out Stories

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